POSH Haus of Style


Our wardrobe styling service is focused on providing individual styling and organizational practices that shape the personal image and lifestyle of each unique client.

 Styling is a combination of distinctive expression, execution and performance that characterizes a person, place, thing or time.  We offer event, brand and fashion styling services, creating editorial print and commercial campaigns that appeal to the aesthetic of the intended market. Sometimes we play by the rules and sometimes we bring a creative spin to the style of your project.


What’s The Latest?!

Tyra Johnson Brown Branding Photoshoot Styling and Wardrobing, 2019

Posh 2019 Campaign Management

Ebony (5th and Westwood) Wedding Party Styling Shoot - Baltimore, 2018

Style Fashion Week New York 2018, Manhattan Centre, New York, 2018

Tabitha Wolf  Style shoot.Published in Disruption Magazine Color Ma Bad Fashion Editorial Pg. 4-13 -New York, 2018

Designer Paco Rogiene - 2018 Colored Expressions NYFW Presentation | Alvin Ailey Dance Theatre - New York

Raven Paris Style Shoot  - Baltimore, 2018

Tyra Johnson Brown Branding Shoot - Virginia, 2017


"Published Fashion Styling and Image Consulting Services"

Whitley Shari is the Executor of PosHausofStyle "styling suite". She has always had a natural eye for aesthetics and all things fashion. With a BS in Business Administration, 8 years of retail and management experience, and having held multiple positions in the fashion industry, to include runway modeling, Whitley has a keen ability to not only enhance clients beauty, but the skills that allow her to connect with people and build their confidence equipping them with the knowledge of how to maintain a desired image and become an icon in their perspective industry.

The Posh Haus of Style was created to further inspire and offer the industry something different.

Through providing professional business support to savvy entrepreneurs, small businesses and corporate clients, we are often inspired by their creativity and larger than life dreams. We are no different. We are creative beings and have many talents! The Posh Haus of Style, the newest Sister Company of The Posh Organization is not just your run of the mill t-shirt brand. Our stylish, woke and wearable art offers you the ability to rock your mood in a fun fashionable way. As individuals we all are vying to express ourselves to the world around us. Be un-apologetically you - while also letting everyone know that you are POSH CERTIFIED!

Step into the PosHausofStyle. Which Tee best describes your personality?
Change your T-shirt, change your life.

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