Lynette Jefferies

Professional Baker, Writer and Blogger

Lynette Jefferies, the owner of My Desserts Diva, has been baking for over twenty years, She believes that a fabulous dessert should not only look delicious, but it should taste great and compel the consumer to return again and again. But Lynette cannot be merely put in just a baking “box”. In between curating mouth-watering desserts, Lynette is a writer. She has always enjoyed putting pen to paper, and you can find her works through ebe Magazine, a high-end digital publication, as the Food Editor, as well as blogging services for The Posh Organization.

Southern charm is not just a label or a splash of simplicity, it's a combination of class and grace. My Desserts Diva; a southern-inspired artisan baking company, has captured a new audience of women and men. Lynette connects with her clientele through various mediums. This is the hallmark of My Desserts Diva, great tasting sweet eats combined with love and personal exchange. Jefferies says, “as long as these are the base ingredients, the desserts will continue to hit the mark.”

Kenye Pierce