Top 5 Favorite Apps Used By Virtual Assistants
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One reason a business may seek to hire a Virtual Assistant (VA) is to help with time management. Entrepreneurs, soloprenuers, and small business owners never have enough time in the day to get everything done they need to – that’s where hiring a VA can help.

VAs are able to handle several different tasks in a shorter amount of time that what it would take traditional employees to do. How is that possible? Well, VAs have the tools to make their work life more effective and know how to use them. Sure, a business owner could maybe use them, but there is a definite learning curve involved; a VA already knows how to use them to the fullest.

Some of the favorite apps in a VAs toolbox include:

Canva: This app is a great tool to design all different kinds of graphics. Your Instagram feed needs to have a look that reflects your business and brand, and Canva is a go-to for VAs to make that happen. An added feature is the ability to use a business’ colors throughout all of the designs.

Dropbox: Being able to share and upload documents is an important aspect of virtual workspaces, and Dropbox makes it easy. Sometimes the size of the file is too large to be sent by email, or there are several items associated with a project that you need in one place.

G Suite: Google has a series of apps that are perfect for small businesses. It includes an option for an email account for the business, shared calendar, video conferencing, and Drive, Google’s alternative to Dropbox.

Buffer: After creating the fabulous posts for your social media platforms, it takes time to open each and every account and post the content. Buffer allows your VA to share it across multiple platforms, streamlining the process and saving considerable time. (Another option that is very similar is MeetEdgar.)

MailChimp: VAs often send out marketing emails on behalf on their clients, and MailChimp is one email marketing app that is user friendly, allows your VA to create marketing campaigns, and offers insight into your data.

These are just a few of the apps that VAs use and may vary depending on the agency. One thing to remember is it is important to keep your brand and message consistent. Contact The Posh Organization to discuss how one of our seasoned VAs can use these apps, among others, to help you maximize your business and reach your goals!