The Benefits of Adding a Virtual Assistant to your Team!

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Let me ask you this…as your business continues to grow, have you noticed that you are faced with a workload that you just no longer stay in front of?

At the end of the day, you think: “How can I continue to manage at this rate all on my own?” If you take the time to analyze this situation, you’ve probably come to the conclusion that it’s time to hire somebody - anybody!!

So, what is the best option for you? Increase your income and grow your business, by investing in the staff to support you. Continue reading to discover 9 benefits to hiring a Virtual Assistant.

#1: Virtual Assistants (VA’s) Can Drive Business Growth
You cannot work on all business tasks yourself without affecting quality assurance of your products or services. Having an extra hand to manage projects is essential to the growth of your business. Consider this…do you find that businesses be it big or small “seem” to be more legitimate because they have employees? Much like the secure website symbol that you see when you visit a website, customers want to feel confident in the companies that they give their business to.

Even a sole-proprietor working from home is considered a small business. So it's important for small businesses to consider ways to further legitimize their company. Psychologically, businesses with multiple associates seem to be doing "real" business over those start-ups with 1 task-master. Collaboration is a powerful tool that will allow your business to level up. Your business can flourish with strategic partnerships and shared interests from staff.

When trying to expand your business, bring the talent of professional VA’s into your strategic process. Take the time to help your virtual assistant understand your business brand, culture, ethics, policies, expectations and allow him or her to share their ideas. Virtual Assistants are vested professionals who often time only take on projects and or businesses where they can provide services and support that they enjoy and love. Relationship building is of primary importance as well. Find a virtual assistant that you feel comfortable with. Someone that you like, and could consider hanging out with. (You will certainly get to know one another very very well over time.) In due time, you will get to see a substantial growth in production and productivity.

#2: Access to The Best Talent
While hiring a VA, is still novice to some, boundaries of past are no longer a factor because so many talented VA’s are available right here in the US. Geographical location, language barriers, time constraints, cultural differences, and connectivity capabilities, were often found to be some of the cons of hiring an International VA. Simply stated, in the technological era that we are in, find access to local and world-class talent with just a few clicks on your keyboard.

TPO would recommend using this as an opportunity by contributing to society and by recognizing the authentic talent within your own community. Options become available at comparatively lower costs, and you will quickly wonder how you were ever able to manage without your VA.

#3: Decreased Operational Costs
Be wise. Make financially sound business investments.
Many solopreneurs and entrepreneurs find it hard to keep up with their expenses. While outsourcing may just sound like another business expense, it’s one that will prove to have exponential ROI.

Hiring an in-house staff member, costs considerably more than that of a Virtual Assistant. Conversely the use your virtual assistant will cut down on operational expenditures.

By hiring a virtual assistant, you can save on expenses like securing an office space, health benefits and insurance, employee tax, training, software, office equipment and furniture, utilities, internet and more.

Depending on your current need, a virtual assistant can provide support on a part-time, full-time or as needed basis.

#4: Reduced Workload
As a business owner, important tasks can get overshadowed by a jam-packed schedule. In such circumstances, a virtual assistant can focus on crucial tasks like email communication, social media, calendar management, invoicing, content creation, graphic design, customer relations management and more.

Having a virtual assistant on your team allows you to have more time to focus on monetizing your business and tasks that require your direct attention. By offloading your businesses mundane tasks, a virtual assistant will add more productive hours to your business day.

Could you imagine more time to spend with friends and family to unwind, read, research or brainstorm new services or product ideas? Business does not have to stop because you are away.

In the contemporary market, entrepreneurs are gradually realizing the importance of delegating tasks to VA’s. In order to grow, the best use of limited time must be achieved.

Virtual Assistants are professionals skilled in multiple areas. Known for decreasing your work-related stress, they can help you keep your business and calendar organized, while making sure that daily tasks get completed within a stipulated time frame.

#5: Focus on The Core Operations
As an entrepreneur, you need most of your time focusing on monetizing. Repeatable mundane tasks are draining you. Take inventory. Here are things you should take a note of:
- Things you can’t do yourself.
- Things you shouldn’t be doing.
- Things you can delegate.
- Things you don’t have experience doing.

Once you have developed a list for the categories above, prioritize and begin the conversation with a potential VA. By delegating tasks to a VA you can focus on core business operations.

#6: Increased Business Hours
In a modern society where business seems to never close, being available to customers for limited hours is leaving money and relationships on the table. A Virtual Assistant’s support can extend your business hours while widening your market reach and keeping you ahead of your competitors.

So, how can you increase your business hours?
By hiring a virtual assistant from a different time zone or specifying that your VA be available during your hours of closure, you can offer extended hours to your customers. VA’s are also available to support you during after "business" hours, personal vacations, business trips, and during official holidays!

#7: Pay According to Your Need
Virtual assistants will bill you only for the hours that they have work.
If you hire a VA, you don’t need to think of paying for sick days, vacation days or health insurance. This can save a great deal of money while providing you with valuable services to operate your business methodically. But remain realistic about the time it will take your VA to complete the services as required. If it takes you 5 hours, it most likely will take your VA the same amount of time.

#8: Strengthen your Weaknesses
Entrepreneurs like to be in control. You are used to assuming all the required rolls in your business, but you do not know it all. Surely there are some areas that you know nothing about or that you prefer not to attempt.

With virtual assistants, you can make up for the skill gap in your organization. Providing you a pipeline of extra skills, a VA can accomplish various tasks on your behalf without having to pay costly expenses for training and software.

#9: VA’s Strive to Provide Quality Service
Virtual Assistants are committed to providing services that result in increased production while delivering quality and value to their clients.

They are well aware of the fact that your business revenue depends on the positive execution of the tasks that they are responsible for. Their reputation and business success depend on how invaluable they are to you and your business.

Having a vested interest in providing extraordinary services, VA’s constantly seek to learn new skills and to provide HIGH-QUALITY services. At times, these assistants perform at a higher level than the conventional full-time employees because their business and contract depend on it.

Finding the right Virtual Assistant for you will completely change that way that you manage your business. Feel free to contact The Posh Organization for a free discovery call.

Tyra Johnson Brown