Master the Art of Follow Up to Land Clients & Customers

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As an entrepreneur, you know how important getting clients can be. It is the lifeblood of most businesses. It’s why you have your social media channels and other marketing in the first place. You may have everything you need to help direct traffic to your website, but if you don’t have the time to follow up, you may be losing out on business and failing to reach clients and customers that are interested in what you have to offer. 

That’s where a virtual assistant (VA) can come in!

A virtual assistant can handle most of the essential follow-up tasks that will help you land clients and customers. 

Hiring a VA is essentially like having your own personal customer service department. Depending on how many hours you need them to work, a VA can respond to emails, answer questions on your social media channels, and follow up with potential clients. 

A VA can also create a follow-up calendar entry to know when to reach back out with potential clients and then be able to at the appointed time. Have a client that needs services at certain times of the year? The calendar can also be updated with important dates significant to your specific client, so your VA can reach out to them well in advance. 
Having a VA follow-up can also establish rapport between customers and your business. 

Nothing feels more frustrating than filling out a contact form on a website, requesting information and not receive a response for a week. Your VA can respond within a certain time frame, making the customer feel valued and heard. 

With business being online and practically 24/7, hiring a VA to follow-up with your customers will ensure your organization is making – and keeping – your clients as a priority.  

Not sure if your business needs a VA to follow up with potential clients? Contact The Posh Organization for a complimentary discovery call!

Tyra Johnson Brown