Looking Ahead at Q4 2019

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If you have been following my blog and website over the last several months, you probably have discovered I have a passion for organizing and planning. It is one of the things that led me to create TPO. So even though I am not one to rush the holidays (seriously – Christmas decorations were up in the stores a few weeks ago and we haven’t even had Halloween yet!) I am one to look ahead, especially when business is concerned! And that means, looking at the Fourth Quarter of 2019 and what that means for your business.

Let’s think about how busy and hectic Q4 can normally be. Depending on your business, you are probably seeing more customers reaching out. They may be needing to get things taken care of before an influx of guests for the holiday season; they may need to purchase items or gift certificates for products or services to give; they may need your expertise at one of their events. Whether you provide service or product, your fourth quarter can be your busiest time of the year.

Which also means it can be the quarter you can make the most money. Your business can’t reach its potential – especially in Q4 -- if you don’t have the personnel to handle everything. Handling customer service tasks like responding to emails and taking care of your customers is one area where a VA can help you have a solid Q4.

Another way TPO can help you have an incredible Q4 is by handling your social media channels. Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter (among others) are great ways to emphasize your presence during the holidays. You can notify your customers of last-minute deals and specials as well as extended hours on your social media pages but if you are busy, who has time to think about creating a eye-catching graphic and posting it? TPO can manage your pages and help take care of this for you!

Q4 is also an excellent time to start planning for Q1. Many businesses fear January - but shouldn’t. With the proper help and planning, your Q4 success can continue into Q1.  A VA can help save you money in the First Quarter while also allowing you to focus on your business. And, TPO can help you start planning now for 2020, so you will have a strong start in the coming year.

I am wishing you a strong and successful Q4 and am here to help your business grow! Reach out for a discovery call to see how TPO can help you!