Learn What to delegate to a Virtual Assistant


As a business owner or start-up, it’s common to do everything on your own. Controlling every aspect of your business after all in why you are in business in the first place. But now all the small administrative tasks aren't so small anymore and it's time you get help. 

Investing in a virtual assistant (VA) can significantly reduce the amount of hours spent working in your business. If you are an entrepreneur, then you know the difference between working in vs. on your business. 

But let's face it, determining which tasks are the best to delegate can be complex. Whether you are starting or growing a business your customer and or clients are important to your very existence.  Exclusive customers and clients have built trust in your product and services and this is something that you do not want to jeopardized. It can be hard being a Jack or Jane of all trades, but it is important to know when you need help.

It may seem counter-intuitive to spend money on tasks that you can do yourself. But what about the tasks that you aren't so good at? Even more, the daily required administrative business tasks are robbing you of your time and not allowing you to be as creative as you could. Hiring a virtual assistant to take care of the mundane administrative tasks that your business requires is the best way to propel your business and take back the time you need to grow.  

If you are curious about some of the most popular tasks to outsource to a virtual assistant, here are the top requests from our current Clients. These tasks are essential,, and bet's are you need a bit of help in these areas of  your business as well.  

  • Manage your Calendar - Your VA can book events and meetings, and facilitate reminders.  Finally, avoid overbooking !

  • Email management - Your VA can draft correspondences and follow-ups, organize your email, and create e-blasts, and email templates. 

  • Invoicing - Your VA can help you to manage business invoicing, send reminder correspondences, and keep up with other bookkeeping services.

  • Social Media - Your VA can create graphics and content, develop and research hashtags, engage with your followers, and post during peak time.

  • Content Creation -  Your VA can help by creating website copy, marketing materials, blog writing, and a host of other creative writing needs. 

  • Research - Your VA can keep up with industry trends by staying ahead and completing market research.

  • Concierge services - Your VA can scheduled travel arrangements, perform on-sight social media execute business-related errands and more. 

  • Project Management - Your VA can be tasked to completely manage a project from inception to thank you's.

  • And so much more!

When it comes to the daily administrative and marketing tasks, there is a good chance that a virtual assistant can get it done more efficiently than you. Delegation is essential for growth.

Tyra Johnson Brown