How to be more productive as an Entrepreneur


Being an entrepreneur can be one of the most rewarding careers out there. It is also one of the most challenging, as you often find yourself wearing many hats. 

Depending on your business, you may find yourself acting as CEO as well as the marketing director, content writer, and customer service rep, all in the same day. 

It’s a lot to juggle, isn’t it? And, when you have so many things to do, it can be hard to focus on one thing. Something inevitably will get neglected. 

One of the biggest misconceptions I have encountered is the idea we have to do it all in order to be a successful entrepreneur. The most successful individuals are those who know how to focus on what they do best and delegate the rest. 

You wouldn’t dream of trying to repair your car if you weren’t a mechanic or savvy about cars, would you? No, you’d take it to a mechanic.

But how do you delegate when you are a one-woman (or man) show? 

That’s where hiring a Virtual Assistant can really help increase your productivity. And when you increase your productivity, you can be closer to meeting your business’ goals. 

According to a 2018 Forbes article, businesses lose over $75 billion dollars because of poor customer service, something that many entrepreneurs just cannot afford to lose. 

Hiring a VA to handle all of your customer service tasks can free up a tremendous amount of time – and allow your customers to feel like they are valued and appreciated. 

Creating images for your social media account as well as managing those platforms can take a great deal of time, but not everyone knows how to create graphics; nor do entrepreneurs have the time to spend on these platforms. A VA can save you valuable hours each week by managing these accounts!

Virtual assistants can even help you process potential leads or do some research for you. 

It all depends on what your specific needs are and what you need them to help you do. 

By hiring a VA to help you perform these duties, you can spend the time on aspects of your business that only you can do – meeting with clients, closing deals, and thinking of how you want to expand your business.

The key is freeing up valuable time to help you do what you do best and that is grow your business. Please feel free to reach out to me to see how hiring a VA can help you be more productive and how TPO can help!


Tyra Johnson Brown