How blogging can help your Business

Growing your presence online can be a challenge. Instead of just competing with physical businesses, you are trying to be found in the deep sea of the internet. Getting traffic to your website can be harder than you anticipated. 

Blogging can help. 

This simple fact leaves many business owners in disbelief. How can something like blogging make a difference in their business? 
Well, there’s lots of reasons blogging can help you stand out from the rest. 

  • Blogging establishes you as an expert in your particular field. You started a business because it is either something you are good at, something you are passionate about, or both. Share that knowledge with your potential customers!

  • Blogging increases your SEO. Search engine optimization. Three words, powerful impact. Everyone talks about SEO but it is shrouded in mystery to a certain degree. A quick definition is SEO is the words that your potential customers would use to search for your goods or services. By including the best keywords in your blogs, you are increasing the likelihood your website shows up in Google’s search engines. 

  • Blogging lets your customers know you. In a growing impersonal world, people are craving interaction and authentic experiences. Especially the biggest current consumer group: Millenials. On a day to day basis, customers that come to your store or call your business may not get to know you, but with a blog they can. You can let some of your personality come through, your voice. A blog is a great place to be personal and real. 

  • Blogging allows you to expand on certain aspects of your business or professional interests. You may offer a service that you want to highlight because it doesn’t get as much attention as the others or are adding a new product or service. Blogging is a great way to share more information about your business and what you offer. 

It only makes sense to blog…so why aren’t more businesses doing it?

  • Most business owners don’t have the time to blog. If they are busy running a business and trying to find a good work-life balance, sitting down to write a blog can take time they just don’t have. 

  • They don’t know what to write about. Business owners are too close sometimes to their business, making it hard to write web content that conveys the message they really want to express. May sound crazy but it’s true. When we are too close to something, we think everyone knows as much as we do on the subject. 

  • Business owners don’t think customers will want to know about them. Customers only want to know the product/service and the price, right? Wrong! Think of your favorite business. Chances are, you know something about the person behind the business and you shop there or use their products because of the connection with them. 

Blogging can help you reach your customers on a much more personal way and help them feel a connection with you that they may not get the opportunity to with just one visit or experience. Let your voice, personality, and vision shine through your website! We know blogging can take time to research and write the copy effectively, that’s why TPO also offers blogging as one of our services. Reach out to us to find out how we can help.