Female Entrepreneurship


When I started The POSH Organization a few years ago, I had been ready to leave corporate America. My story is much like that of many other female entrepreneurs. Women who are ready to not just break but remove the glass ceiling and have more control over their schedule and time. 

I am not alone. 

More and more women – up 114 percent from 20 years ago (source: Inc.) – are starting their own business and joining the ranks of male entrepreneurs. 

I think this is an exciting trend and am personally thrilled to see so many women being empowered in their businesses and being able to carve out their own niche in the business world. 

Small Biz Trends shared some statistics on female ran businesses last year and reported that women (47 percent) are more likely than men (44 percent) to start their own business. Women tend to launch businesses in healthcare and education, and according to Small Biz trends, expected to see an increase in their revenues last year. 

This doesn’t mean there are not hurdles and challenge for women entrepreneurs.  

Even though there have been some exciting gains for women business owners, women still find themselves dealing with some big issues. 

Financial stability is one area women business owners struggle with and one that will normally cause them to want to return to the corporate world. The reason so many women struggle with this is they do not feel justified in charging what they are worth. We have been underpaid for so long it is hard to break that mold when in our own business. 

Another struggle is the lack of mentors. Men often have other males to call on for advice and to help them in their business; women often don’t. Even though the numbers of female entrepreneurs have increased, there is still not many women business owners to lend support close by. 

The third challenge is female entrepreneurs often find it hard to get a proper work-life balance. Sometimes, women entrepreneurs find they not only have a family and children to take care of, but they have to take care of their business as well. This can create a feeling of less time and their business may begin to suffer. In order to have the true freedom that female entrepreneurs crave, hiring a VA may be a great way to delegate tasks and have someone free up your schedule for a few hours a week. The money invested in your company in hours that you can be really focused on growing your business equals a good business decision!

If you would like to find out how a VA can help you grow, please feel free to reach out to me!


Tyra Johnson Brown