Chick-Fil-A Secrets to Customer Service


It’s hard to find any business that comes close to the customer service you receive at Chick-Fil-A. It has long been known that employees respond with “My pleasure” at the end of the order process and tend to go the extra mile in all of their interactions with their customers. What does Chick-Fil-A do that sets them apart?

Well, a few things... The culture of Chick-Fil-A is focused on delivering a positive experience for everyone that visits the restaurant. This approach is reflected in the way the employees handle an order mix-up (with some people stating on Facebook they got a free sandwich when their wrong) to how the restrooms have free mouthwash and diaper changing items.

But Chick-Fil-A’s customer service goes beyond that. In a post on Chick-Fil-A’s website, five secrets were shared that highlight some tips that would benefit any business. They include:

1) Ask about the customer’s day – when someone genuinely asks us about our day, it makes us feel like someone cares. In a world that has increasingly grown impersonal and detached, it is nice for someone to ask and take the time to listen.

2) Use the customer’s name – hearing our name said makes us feel special. It is a source of recognition and it makes us feel like there is a connection between us and the other person.

3) Always acknowledge the customer – greeting a customer helps them not feel invisible. There is nothing worse than walking into a place of business and feel like no one knows – or cares – you are there.

4) Ask for feedback – finding out what needs to be fixed and what is being done right helps the restaurant to be proactive.

5) Smile often – smiling makes you more approachable and also shows you like helping your customers.

How can these tips translate to your business? It all goes back to putting your customer first and realizing there is more than just the service or product you offer. It is about connecting with the customer and letting them know you appreciate their business and will go that extra mile to make sure they are happy. If you are needing someone to help with the customer service end of your business, reach out to me so we can discuss how TPO can provide virtual customer service management for your business.


Tyra Johnson Brown