Business Spring Cleaning: Your Virtual Assistant Can Help!

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Now that Spring has finally arrived in most areas, it makes us want to shake off the doldrums of winter and focus on sprucing things up. This spring-cleaning urge doesn’t have to just apply to our homes but can also be beneficial for our businesses as well. However, spring-cleaning our business may mean something completely different from spring-cleaning for our home. 
Tackling spring-cleaning tasks for your business focuses on different chores than what you focus on with your home, but the purpose is very similar.  It’s the perfect opportunity to spruce up certain areas of your business that may go overlooked and neglected during the rest of the year. 

Some tasks that you may want to address include:
Website content: Chances are, your business has changed since you first launched your website so taking the time to refresh and weed out any outdated copy is a great task to tackle in the Spring. 

Upgrading your email lists: You want to make sure your emails are being read by your clients/customers. By scheduling a time to review which ones have bounced back, gone unopened, etc. you can make sure your messages are going to people who want to hear from you. 

Refresh your website: Not only does your content sometimes need changing, your photos, pages, information does as well. Updating your website can showcase different services or features and help drive traffic to sales. Additionally, this is a perfect time to make sure your website is mobile friendly, too!

Updating social media platforms: Spring is a great time to change out your social media platforms and launching new marketing initiatives. By creating new graphics and updating your information, you can make sure potential clients can find you!

These are just a few possible spring-cleaning tasks that you can do you do. To make it even easier, contact TPO to find out how a VA can help you with these tasks!

Tyra Johnson Brown