A Real Virtual Assistant versus AI (artificial intelligence)

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If you have visited any major online-retailer lately, you have probably noticed a chat window pops up on the screen asking if they can help. Those bots are there to gather important information such as your contact info, what you are looking for, and how soon you are going to be making a purchase.

Regardless of how helpful they intend to be, they also can be annoying…

The little window floats around the screen and won’t let you look at what you came to the website to see. But they work.

These autobots may work well for larger retailers but what about the smaller businesses or maybe even solopreneurs that tend to focus on customer service? Using an impersonal method to interact with a potential client may seem like a good idea at first, but technology can never replace what a real person can do.

That’s where hiring a Virtual Assistant can help provide a better customer service experience. Instead of an automated, canned response, a real VA can respond and let your customers know that they are actually being heard.

This is particularly helpful when you have a product-based business where customers may have questions, comments and concerns. A VA can respond to emails, live chats direct messages, or phone calls to answer questions about product availability, size, colors, etc. Moreover, a VA can provide real life connection and engagement, empathy, and product recommendations from experience.

Another way a live VA is better than technology?

Remember the last time you called a business about a product or service issue? – Let’s use the example of your cell phone provider.

You had to tell the automated prompts your name, your account number, PIN – and each thing you said or entered was heard incorrectly. Something that is supposed to be a ‘convenience’ ends up being anything but and you are frustrated by the time you do get to talk to a live person.

It makes you feel like your business is not appreciated because in the grand scheme of things they hoped the automated response system would answer your questions and you would go away - in lier of real customer engagement. That’s not customer service.

Having a real, live, breathing virtual assistant can help set your company apart from the rest.

If you don’t know how to get started hiring a VA for your company or want to know how one can help your company specifically, reach out and see how TPO can help!