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#WCW shoutout. LOVE working with my virtual personal assistant Tyra of The Posh Organization. The relationship is fairly new, but she's diligent, on point knows technology, great with detail and very take-charge.
Sharon Beason, Womeneur, New York

Tyra has changed the way I operate my business. My business grew quickly and I needed help! Tyra has helped me to get organized and ensure that I stay on top of so many tasks. She is very good at responding quickly and her emails are clearly written and communicated. She is incredibly professional and takes everything regardless of whether it is a little project or a large project to the next level. Tyra is a gem!
Lenise W., Esq. Atlanta, GA

I've been on several interviews and left feeling unsure about the job opportunity afterwards. So my wife recommended that I try interview preparation with POSH Life, so we reached out. Tyra came over and conducted a mock interview within the comforts of my home. She helped me to prepare by asking position-related and "common" interview questions. Tyra also as offered me ideas and pointers on how to approach different interview scenarios and questions. She also left me with a jewel of a question to ask when they ask, "Do you have any questions?" (That's my little secret now! ) Posh's interview preparation really helped to reduced my anxiety level tremendously.

Today, June 18, 2015, I went on another interview. This time I left feeling more confident then ever about my performance during the interview and with an increased likelihood of getting the position. I'm just waiting on my job offer now! Thanks POSH Life, I will forever be grateful.
Robert B. Decatur, GA

When you venture out to do your own thing, build your brand after years of blood, sweat, tears and personal funds... Let me take a moment to acknowledge a fellow woman in charge: Tyra Johnson who's the founder and CEO of an amazing business that is to me - the platinum benchmark when it comes to planning and organization.
Sarah Suter, Switzerland

Tyra Johnson has grown into a savvy marketing professional. She is adept at tracking and following up on leads, is comfortable with the software needed to be successful and is building an impressive list of networking associates who are all important in this business. She understands the politics and processes of pursuing a lead and is able to organize and contribute greatly to the writing of an actual request for proposal. Her steady and uninterrupted growth speak to her commitment to the profession and to her professional life. I have every confidence that she will be a great success in her field.
Anthony Rimore, Atlanta, GA

We are excited to be working with The Posh Organizatiton in keeping the happenings with the AAMBC Awards organized and precise. Tyra has single-handedly assisted #AAMBC founder, Tamika Newhouse at the 2015 and 2016 #AAMBCAwards. She was her right hand Woman!.
Tamika Newhouse. Atlanta, GA | www.aambcawards.com | https://vimeo.com/140486749

Tyra is one of a handful of people that I would sit in front of any project and simply say…”it’s yours to figure out”. She has the uncanny ability to bring order to a chaotic project or situation. Tyra thrives on challenges and I have not yet found one that she cannot conquer. She is excellent at creating and streamlining processes and procedures to increase productivity. Her attention to detail, commitment to success, and pure energy drive both her and the individuals around her. Tyra is an asset to any organization, Large, medium or small. She brings a level of professionalism and work ethic that is, quite frankly, tough to find these days.
Sarah Hampton, Atlanta, GA

Tyra of The Posh Organization is the consummate professional. She has a great eye for detail, is thorough and expeditious without compromising the content of her work. I am confident that the success of my debut novel, Secrets of a Cheating Heart, was a direct result of her input. For that, I would highly recommend her services.
Chase Monet, Author

As life can be demanding and hectic finding the time to make it all happen with my office and staying organized had been challenging. So I called Posh Life and Tyra put everything into motion. What a great company, professional and well organized. When our lives are organized everything else falls into place. I look forward to utilizing the services from The Posh Life Organization in the future and have already made several referrals.
Cassie S., Dacula, GA

Thank you so much for organizing me and my husbands master closet! You did a spectacular job. My husband was pleasantly surprised when he returned home from travel. He love love loved what you've done. We have looked to Tyra and the team at The Posh Organization to plan an annual family event as well. The event was organized to perfection and no detail was left to chance, We will certainly be using your services again in the near future and will continue to recommend your services to all our friends and colleagues. You are the best at what you do.
Kim R., Snellville, GA

Tyra is one of the most organized people I have had the pleasure to work with. She has an excellent work ethic and is adept at editing, writing, verbal and communication skills. I enjoyed her personality and hope for the opportunity to work with her again in the future.
Debora Fields, Atlanta, GA

Keep offering amazing services. Excellent and thorough service. Thank you so much for your timeliness also. Helps with such a busy and demanding schedule. You will definitely hear from us again real soon.
Sarah Herring, Handbags U Like, Atlanta

Thank you so much Tyra for planning my book launch event. There is no way I could have pulled it off on my own, especially considering the time constraint. The set up was amazing, you truly brought my vision to life. I am in the process of writing a trilogy, expect to hear back from me again for editing and for my next event. The Posh Organization rocks!!
Ronnita J., Atlanta, GA | www.takeoverqueens.com

Thanks to The Posh Organization, my baby shower turned out to be the cutest! Ms. Tyra gave her dedication and utmost effort in all things from planning, creativity, advice, to execution. I was surprised and very thankful for her calling and checking up on things to make sure everything went as planned. One thing I really admire about Tyra is that she always told the truth, respected my opinion and never overshadowed my interest for value of the little things. She is awesome, easy to talk to, and great to work with. Don't hesitate to contact Posh Life for their services! I had a great experience with them and will definitely be in touch for future events.
Yesenia D., Atlanta, GA


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